Fed-up and driven mad by social media?

8 Jun 2016 | Social marketing

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Is social media making your head hurt and you wishing for the days before it existed?

You are not alone. We often hear from customers and others who we meet, that are either confused about what platforms to use, how, when and for what purpose they should be used.

Many business owners are fed-up with either being told to use social media or the time and resource needed to feed their current social channels. Many don’t see a benefit to their business. It appears that social media just takes up time and they are sceptical if it actually provides any value to their business.

So should you participate in social media forums for your business or should you just forget about social media and online social engagement?

Yes of course you shouldn’t bother with social media, if…..

  • You don’t want or need an online presence for your business
    • Today most people own or have access to a computer device of some sorts (many using mobiles). With access to such a tool, whether for our personnel life or work environment, we all tend to search online when needing to find something. Not having a good online presence will mean you will miss vital opportunities.
  • You don’t have the time and resource in-house or the inclination to outsource the management of this to a professional
    • If you are serious about building and growing your business, you need to undertake some sort of marketing and what-ever marketing is chosen, it takes effort and input in the form of time, money and resource. If you are unable or aren’t prepared to do this either in-house or using a professional establishment, you shouldn’t bother starting. A commitment to marketing your business will aid the business brand and growth, but you need to want to.
  • You don’t have a brand for your business
    • If you don’t have a brand or image for your business or know where you stand in the market, then you won’t probably know who your target audience is to communicate with, in the right way. A brand adds a face to your business and helps recognition over time to your business and what it stands for, along with your offering. If you don’t bother with a branded image, you won’t be able to compete competitively in your market.
  • You don’t want or need to build up awareness and recognition of your business
    • If you have enough customer awareness and not looking for more, than no need to use any marketing tools, including social media to further assist your business growth and sustainability. However, if you are keen to continue to grow your business brand and more people to get to know you, then social media is a great tool to use, as part of your marketing plans to grow recognition.
  • You don’t ever have a need to manage your business reputation
    • It would be great never to get any complaints, but seldom does any company not, at one time or another, have a customer that is unhappy with them. There are various ways to deal with complaints and hopefully these can be contained within the confines of your business. However, just because you aren’t online using social media, doesn’t mean your customers aren’t and if you provide the ability for a customer to communicate easily with you, you are able to control and respond quickly to address any issues posted online, to resolve and update the situation for all to see and monitor.
  • You don’t see a need to have a tool to help with your customer service
    • People want to have easy access to a business they are dealing with and social media can offer just another method to enable your customers and potential customers to easily reach you. It can aid customer engagement, giving your customers another reason why they prefer to use you opposed to your competitor.
  • You don’t think building trust or confidence in your business is worthwhile
    • People ultimately want to buy from a company that they can rely on, trust and have confidence to deliver. It’s no good buying from a company who are the cheapest, but they don’t meet deadlines or whose product is not fit for purpose. Social media is a way to build your reputation, gain trust in your brand and grow consumers’ confidence in your business services and products through testimonials, referrals and ‘shares and likes’.
  • You don’t have a need to engage with possible new customers or your existing ones
    • Quite often people want to ask questions or gain feed-back from others, before they buy something. Social media platforms give potential customers the ability to ask questions easily and refer to others for reassurance about your business. Gaining the help needed beforehand, often leads to the start of a working relationship and future orders.
  • You never have a need to promote anything about your business
    • If there is never anything to tell your prospects or customers, whether it is about your business, special offers, news about your industry or helpful information to share, then no need to bother having a social media channel for this purpose. However, if you do have news to share, an interesting industry to talk about or have the knowledge and expertise to help your customers with some useful tips, beneficial information, then social media is a great tool. It will help you reach out to your audience and share your news and information. Sharing new content is a great way to feed your social media and help your online presence grow.
  • You don’t have a website, so no need to try and drive traffic to it
    • Social media channels provide a useful way to feed your website and assist in driving traffic to it. Sharing content that takes your user back to your website and then places the right ‘calls to actions’ can lead to people understanding your business more and either visiting your site again or making contact when they need your products or services. Obviously not to have a website in todays’ competitive markets for any business is definitely missing opportunities.

So is social media something to use?

We would say ‘Yes’ and I am sure the majority reading this (even if you had your doubts initially) do agree.

We know running a business is difficult, we also know money spent on your business needs to be used wisely.

For most businesses, all of the above points are vitally important and although social media alone won’t solve all your business marketing and sales needs, it is, alongside other digital and traditional marketing strategies, a critical tool in assisting the growth of a business.

Kent House will help you makes sense of the changing and challenging needs of presenting your business through digital marketing, so your business will benefit from the investment placed in time, money and resource.



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