Fire or Flood – would your business survive?

8 Jun 2016 | News and views

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The sun is shining (well for now), but with the summer months upon us, the devastating weather that caused so many areas to become flooded, which led to businesses suffering, is perhaps just a distant memory for many of us now.

However, during December 2015 and January 2016 the floods that hit so many UK regions, had a devastating effect on many businesses. With this increasingly growing problem; with several regions within the UK being affected by this type of natural disaster more frequently in recent years, it is something that many businesses are and should be evaluating.

So would your business survive either a flood or fire?

From bitter experience, we at Kent House have suffered a major fire. So similar to the effects of a flood, our office premises where completely destroyed and we lost everything, well in the tangible sense.

Obviously there were things which need to be sorted out and replaced. We needed new premises, new computers and other general office equipment. BUT and this is the but because we backed everything up securely and stored data and files off-site we were able to maintain our website and most importantly all our customers websites, without any hiccups to us or them.

We as a digital online marketing agency did (and do) practise what we preach. Due to our diligence and handling of ours and all our customers’ data, information, website hosting and online requirements, we didn’t lose any critical information. Most importantly our customers didn’t experience any down-time with their websites or online presence.

‘But it won’t happen to me’, I hear many of you cry.

A disaster, such as a fire or flood is something you think won’t ever happen to your business. At least hope it won’t. However, it is a subject we, as web developers and online specialist, always raise and discuss with our clients, especially after experiencing such a disaster.

The questions we ask are:
‘Do you back up all your business data, files and store a copy off site? How secure is your current website?’
We get a range of answers from these questions.

Having procedures and contingency plans in place, ensures you are able to cope and deal with such an event, quickly and effectively. Not having such plans have been the down fall of some businesses. Obviously, most tangible items can be easily replaced, but losing data and experiencing website down-time only compounds to what is a disastrous time. It will cause additional stress and strain on a business and its’ people, whilst trying to start trading and running again.

As website developers; we develop, design, manage and maintain the online presence of our customers’ websites. This includes hosting, the on-going SEO and development, Google status, analytic’s and database files and other critical online presence elements. If our customers lost this, we know it would cause immense issues and we wouldn’t be doing our job correctly.

That is why we pride ourselves on the management of our customer’s website and it’s strength and security,

The disaster of the fire, illustrated the benefits of having good online management systems and contingencies in place. NO customer was without their website and therefore no loss of activity.

So this is just a thought and a word of warning, as we have experienced and see the terrible results of such natural disasters.

You can just think about the ‘what if’ scenario, but with websites and online presence playing such a crucial element to businesses nowadays, it is worth asking that simple question and making sure actions are put in place.

Fire or flood – how would your business cope and would your business survive?

The obvious additional work and inconvenience such a disaster causes has to be dealt with, but the reassurance that valuable data files and your online presence remains intact is a huge bonus to your business.

So from first-hand experience, if you do need to review your website and online presence contingency plans to ensure they are robust against disasters; then we would be happy to offer our assistance, because you just never know what’s around the corner.

Let’s hope that no natural disaster will be inflicted on the UK in the coming winter, but to be on the safe side….

Let Kent House keep your business online presence safe and secure.


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