Google Penguin – Will it affect your website?

8 Jun 2016 | Search Engine Optimisation

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Google Penguin was designed to stop companies gaining false online ranking through the use of bad back-links and spam tactics; by using clever SEO and investing money in to such practices.

Originally released in April 2012, it caused many sites to be deranked or blocked.

Where sites were buying bad back links and using spam techniques to raise their profile in searches and so gain 1st page ranking; Penguin set to stop this. In essence, Google was trying to reward websites that had good genuine links to their site from reputable partners.

It was also to encourage websites to have genuine traffic through their own activity; fresh and live content in the form of news articles, case studies, blogs etc. Regular feeds to their social network pages, as well as good back links.

The latest version (4.0) was due to be released at the end of 2015, but now it’s a waiting game. The difference with Penguin 4.0 is that it will work in real-time. So if a website is caught with bad back links or using spam tactics, it will be blocked or de-ranked, but as soon as the offending link or tactic is stopped the site will be released and re-ranked accordingly.

However, we are sure some damage will be caused and ranking lost due to this, even if the action is taken immediately.

If you are worried or affected by the latest penguin blocking your website or causing your site to be de-ranked, or concerned about some of your back-links, then talk with Kent House now.

Kent House will review your current site and check for any bad links and rectify any issues your website may be facing, to prevent blocking or ranking issues for your business online presence.

Kent House only build websites and undertake SEO that is genuine and compliant with all online regulations and Google terms. We are here to build long-term relationships with our clients and to ensure the longevity success of our customers’ online presence.




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