Small Business and Social Media

24 Mar 2017 | News and views, Social marketing

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Small business and Social media

The social media world is constantly moving and changing, and can be difficult to keep up with as a small business. Just when you think you know all about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the countless other platforms that social media gives you, something new comes a long which can force you to rethink your social media strategy altogether. Social media can be the beginning of a brilliant small business, but it can also be the end. When Social media marketing is compared with traditional marketing, it is obvious to see the benefits. Social media is extremely low cost and does also give a direct line of access to your current customers and potential consumers. It is also a brilliant way of targeting your specific target market.   This article is designed to give you some helpful tips on how to ensure that your small business gets the best out of its social media interface.

#1 Research, Research and Research.

Hand in hand with all exceptional social media campaign is a brilliant strategy. Developed through proper market research. Look at your competitors, what are they doing on social media? You have to increase your understanding of your current and potential customers. Begin to do this by working out who your audience is. This can be distinguished by multiple characteristics e.g. age, interests, job, geographical area or gender. Take the time to look at which social networks your target audiences prefer and use. Each social media channel audience is different, so it is extremely important to know these differences before you put effort and time into the wrong site.

#2 Link your Social Media accounts.

If each of your company social media accounts is completely separated from the other ones, then they will for the most part be unsuccessful. Each network must be able to compliment each other to help you grow your business. Think of your branding and let it be mirrored throughout your social media interfaces. Cover photos, Profile pictures should all be the same or extremely similar. This will increase the brand awareness of your whole business as a collective.  Coordinate your social media accounts and efforts to coax people towards your website where of course they can purchase your product or service. Ensure your website is completely optimised for social media by adding elements to your web design. Below on Manchester City’s website you can see near the bottom are their social media links which will take the consumer straight to the landing page of any one of the clubs four social media accounts listed.

#3 Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Lets get social! Two of the most precious resources when managing social media at a small business are time and energy. Set yourself small targets and DO NOT take on four Social Networks simultaneously. One of the best possible ways to guarantee consistency in your businesses social media is to find time every day to work through it and improve it. Use your profiled audience and targets to determine what content you should create and or share to your social media audience. When you give out relevant or interesting information to your consumers, they will view you as an expert. Good luck!

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